A bachelor’s in mechanical engineering is the right path for you if you enjoy building and designing machinery.

These programs teach students various engineering and mathematical theories and practices to create complex machines that meet various human needs.

Graduates have various career options, including manufacturing, energy, robotics, and aerospace. You’ll find below a list of online bachelor’s degrees in mechanical engineering.

These programs are available through distance education, so attending a traditional campus is unnecessary.

Best Online Mechanical Engineering Degrees

List Of Accredited Online Mechanical Engineering Schools

SchoolOnline Enrollment Annual Tuition 
Old Dominion University6,609$30,960
ECPI University Online 6,192$17,479
University of Alabama3,290$31,090
University of North Dakota2,118$15,037
Indiana State University1,930$20,862

Best Online Mechanical Engineering Degrees 2024

Old Dominion University

Old Dominion University

Online Enrollment


Annual Tuition



Norfolk (VA)

Old Dominion University (ODU’s) bachelor of science in engineering technology offers a Mechanical Engineering Technology specialization that explores statistics and computer-aided drawing, automation, controls, and automation.

ODU, a public university, can offer four concentrations in this program. These are (1) Manufacturing Systems, (2) Marine Systems, (3) Mechanical Systems Design, and (4) Mechatronics Systems. This BS program requires 120 credit hours.

These include core courses such as Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics. This program is usually completed in four years by students who work full-time online. Graduates can take on roles such as facility operations coordinators and systems designers.

Canvas is the online learning platform that ODU uses. The online program includes free software, academic and technical support, and other digital resources.

ECPI University Online

ECPI University Online

Online Enrollment


Annual Tuition



Multiple Locations

ECPI University Online is a private institution that offers a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering Tech. This degree is 124 credit hours long; full-time students can complete it in four years.

Canvas is the primary learning management software used by ECPI. Students can complete their courses online at their own pace.

The mechanical engineering curriculum at ECPI is designed to teach the students mathematical equations, scientific processes, and system designs.

The course also examines the different tools and techniques of modern mechanical engineering technology.

The courses include Manufacturing Processes and Applied Engineering Programming. The students are required to do a senior project.

Industrial engineers, production managers, and mechanical engineering consultants are all possible career options.

University of Alabama

University of Alabama

Online Enrollment


Annual Tuition



Tuscaloosa (AL)

The University of Alabama, a large public institution, offers a Bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering. The program is 126 credits and can be finished in four years if you work full-time.

The majority of the coursework is done online, using Blackboard. However, there are three labs in person and other face-to-face requirements.

The BS in Mechanical Engineering teaches complex machines in automotive, bioengineering, and robotics.

The core courses are Small-Scale Engineering Graphics and Fluid Mechanics. You can find engineering career opportunities in manufacturing, construction or biomedical industries.

AU provides online resources to students for academic coaching, writing, writing skills, and tutoring.

Indiana State University

Indiana State University

Online Enrollment


Annual Tuition



Terre Haute (IN)

Indiana State University is a public university that offers a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering Technology, which requires 72 credits.

This online program was designed for students who already have 120 credits. This degree takes an average of four years to complete for full-time students.

Canvas is the platform that ISU students use to learn. All courses are offered online. This program’s core curriculum focuses on two main areas: management and design.

The program teaches students practical skills by allowing them to learn computer-aided designs and develops professional resource and people management skills.

Three examples of required classes are Technical Graphics using CAD, Applied Statics, and Fluid Power Technology.

The senior project is meant to demonstrate the student’s advanced understanding of design. Graduates may find design, technical sales, installation, manufacturing, or maintenance employment.

University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Online Enrollment


Annual Tuition



Grand Forks (ND)

The University of North Dakota is a medium-sized public institution that offers a bachelor of science in Mechanical Engineering requiring 129 credits.

This program can either be completed on campus in four years or online within six. The course is based on science and emphasizes teamwork to solve engineering problems. Students can select from Mechanical Design, Thermal Sciences, or Aerospace concentrations.

Engineering Disasters and Ethics is one of the courses. Other courses include Intermediate Fluid Mechanics and Manufacturing Processes.

The students must also complete the Cooperative Education experience, an internship. Graduates may find employment in medicine, transportation or renewable energy.

UND uses Blackboard to provide online courses for its students. Students can use various services online, such as career counseling and tutoring.

Levels of Online Mechanical Engineering Degrees

There are degrees in mechanical engineering available online at all levels: bachelor’s, master’s, doctorate, and certificate. Each level prepares engineers for more advanced roles.

Bachelor’s degree

Students who earn undergraduate degrees in this area gain a solid understanding of engineering principles. They also learn about product design, assembly, and the basics of heat transfer. The curriculum includes a foundational course in chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

Master’s Degree

An online master’s degree in mechanical engineering focuses primarily on the product life cycle, graphic simulation computer software, patent law and design processes, risk assessment, advanced math, team management, and advanced mathematics. Students can pursue senior engineering roles if they choose a concentration such as fluids, mechanics, and materials or design and manufacture.

Doctorate Degree

Students at this level conduct original research in various areas, including nanotechnology, alternative energies, and lean production. The doctorate degree allows students to understand classic mechanical concepts and the latest technological developments. These programs in mechanical engineering may take several years to complete. They require writing and defending dissertations and can lead to work as a university professor and in research and development.

Certificate Programs

Certificates are available for students and professionals who want to gain additional knowledge in a particular area. Mechanical engineering certificate programs include many topics, such as fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.

Admission Requirements

All online bachelor’s degree programs in mechanical engineering have similar admission requirements. Although prerequisite courses are not usually required, taking advanced math, science, and physics in high school is helpful. This achievement and grades above average may increase your chances of being accepted into the mechanical engineering programs of your choice.

In general, requirements for first-year students include the following:

  • High school diploma (alternatively, HSE or GED test scores)
  • High school’s four core units in English, three units in Algebra I or higher, three lab science units, and three social studies units
  • SAT/ACT scores
  • 2.0 minimum GPA
  • An application fee that typically ranges between $30-$50

Transfer students can enter degree programs after completing 24-30 credits at an accredited institution. Students who transfer into degree programs are often not required to submit their standardized test results for enrollment. However, they must submit high school and college transcripts with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and an application fee.

Careers with a Mechanical Engineering Degree

Employers are looking for mechanical engineers with creativity and analytical skills and effective listening and communication skills within a team environment.

Additionally, competitive job candidates must have strategic planning, project management, and problem-solving skills, which they can acquire through a combination of work experience and coursework.

You can use a mechanical engineering degree online to prepare for various rewarding and well-paying careers, including those listed below.

Mechanical Engineers

  • Annual Median Salary: $95,300
  • Job Growth Rate: 2%

Mechanical Engineers are employed in a wide range of industries. The highest concentration is in wind energy, metalworking, and transportation. Mechanical engineers install, test, and maintain equipment.

Aerospace Engineers

  • Annual Median Salary: $122,270
  • Job Growth Rate: 6%

Aerospace Engineers develop, test, and design aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles. They ensure that safety and quality standards have been met and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.

Biomedical Engineers

  • Annual Median Salary: $97,410
  • Job Growth Rate: 10%

Biomedical Engineers collaborate with scientists to design, install, and maintain medical devices and equipment. They also write technical documents and provide technical support to biomedical equipment.

Health and Safety Engineers

  • Annual Median Salary: $99,040
  • Job Growth Rate: 10%

Health and safety engineers are responsible for keeping people safe from getting sick or injured and preventing damage to places. They do this by creating plans and methods that help to identify and avoid things that could be harmful. They also ensure that everyone follows the rules for staying healthy and safe by identifying problems that could cause problems.

Industrial Engineers

  • Annual Median Salary: $95,300
  • Job Growth Rate: 10%

Industrial engineers help businesses run more efficiently by finding ways to reduce waste and cut costs. They use their expertise to design systems that bring together people, machines, and energy to create products or services. While many industrial engineers have degrees in mechanical engineering, there are also online programs that specifically focus on industrial engineering.

Petroleum Engineers

  • Annual Median Salary: $130,850
  • Job Growth Rate: 8%

Petroleum engineers are professionals who create ways to extract oil and gas from the earth. They make sure that the machines used to get the resources are working well and are safe to use. These engineers usually have a degree in mechanical engineering, but some of them also have a degree in chemical engineering.

Is an Online Degree in Mechanical Engineering Worth It?

If you want to explore the intersection of math, science, and mechanics, you might want to pursue an online mechanical engineering degree.

In this program, you will learn skills that will help you develop creative solutions to problems using critical thinking and analysis.

It is important to choose an ABET-accredited program because it shows that the program has met certain academic standards and is respected by employers.

Whether or not an online mechanical engineering degree is worth pursuing depends on various factors such as your interests, learning style, budget, and career goals.

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of an online degree can help you make an informed decision.

  • Most mechanical engineers earn a high take-home salary. Mechanical engineers earn over twice the median annual salary for all other occupations.
  • Numerous national engineering organizations offer a sense of community and support. ASME, ASHRAE, and other organizations offer students the opportunity to network, learn, and grow in their careers.
  • By attending online school, you can make savings. Online programs are often more affordable than traditional degree programs because many schools offer flat or in-state tuition. Some institutions may waive student fees and eliminate the need to commute to and from campus.

  • Some online ME degrees may require on-campus courses. If you live far from your school, completing the lab work can be difficult. You may also find it difficult to manage your time and complete the required labwork while managing other responsibilities.
  • This discipline comprises math, physics, and statistics, which can be challenging. You may not like mechanical engineering classes if you find math or science courses particularly challenging.
  • A significant gender gap exists in female mechanical engineering. According to a 2020 Stanford study, female mechanical engineers with the same education as their male counterparts make 15% less. This may be discouraging for some.

Bottom Line

Online mechanical engineering degrees can help you achieve and launch your career goals. The best mechanical engineering schools offer accredited online programs. Explore different programs to decide the school that is best for you.

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